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The SET, "Semana Empresarial e Tecnológica" (Business and Technology Week) is the largest IST-Taguspark event and provides a unique opportunity of contact between students and companies, offering the opportunity to speak directly to the most prestigious and diverse companies in the area of technology and management.

Semana Empresarial e Tecnológica

SET is the biggest event of the Instituto Superior Técnico - Campus Taguspark and the second biggest event of the Instituto Superior Técnico. The event included in “Career Weeks” of IST and the organization is made entirely by students, also these being its main target audience.

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The event has various activities:

  • Talks: aimed to inform students about some success stories of speakers and their academic and professional paths;
  • Workshops: organized by companies that aim to provide a more practical and direct experience related to specific topics;
  • Company Presentations: a member of the company gives an insight of their work to students, explaining the company operation and career opportunities.
Logotipo da SET
Logotipo da SET

There are also stands during the four days of the event, allowing direct contact between the companies and the students. The companies employees will do their best clarify all your doubts regarding your future professional, but also get to know all the opportunities in their company as a student, such as summer internships.

Therefore, the main objective of the SET is to improve soft and hard skills of the students, making it a easier for them to give the first steps in business.

The participation in the organization of this event is also an asset for the students, that develop privileged contacts with the companies and enhance their teamwork.


  • Mariana Patrão

  • Diogo Dores

  • João Oliveira

Tech Support

  • Rúben Martins

    Rúben Martins

  • Luis Filipe

  • Tiago Martins

  • Filipe Correia

External Relations

  • Pedro Angélico

  • Maria Ricarte

  • Pedro Rocha

  • Joel Damásio

  • Nelson Cavaco

  • Pedro Pina

  • Ricardo de Oliveira

  • Carolina Santos

  • Cláudia Dias

  • José de Sousa

  • Ana Margarida Silvestre

  • Tiago Sereno

  • João Barbosa

  • Daniel Afonso

  • José Afonso

  • Daniela Tinoco

  • Catarina Belem


  • Marta Borges

  • Carina Fonseca

  • Joana Chumbo

  • João Teixeira

  • Letícia Rodrigues

  • João Vieira

  • Filipa Rocha

Event Supporter

  • João Valado

  • Sebastião Borges


  • Regina Manuelito

  • Henrique Santos

  • Tiago Alves

  • Sara Santos

  • Gonçalo Meireles

  • Quevin Jagmohandas

  • Pedro Silva

  • Helder Duarte

  • João Freire

  • João Pinto

  • Bernardo Rato

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